2018 Small Business Tax Package Preparation

Scrambling to get ready for Year-End Tax Season?
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No worries ~ Give our five star rated bookkeeping team about 15 minutes and we will show you how to remove the stress from your 2018 Small Business Tax Package Preparation.

So, you have your checklist:
  • 1099s
  • 1096s
  • W2s all complete and filed
  • Books in order
  • Tax package ready for your accountant’s review

You are too busy and now tax season is upon us!

You know it's coming every year. Do you remember the mad dash from last year as we try to beat the deadlines? You had a plan. There would be none of that last-minute stress this time. BUT – Then there was actually running your business. The daily management processes, client and customer care, delivery deadlines, and the list goes on and on.

You are not alone! Did you know that KAW Solutions specializes in business bookkeeping? In fact, small to medium-sized local businesses make up the majority of our business. Every year, at this time, we hear from many companies who are in the very same spot we just described. We can help you get back on track.

Already tried outsourced bookkeeping for your business?

Many of our current clients have tried other “professional business bookkeeping” companies. But when we sit down with them to figure out what went wrong, we usually find that there is no monthly reporting, no year-round preparation for the eventual 1099, 1096, W2, and other end-of-year required documents, that can transform the tax package preparation process from stressful to just another point in the annual business cycle.

We'd love to help you out.

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What is it like being a KAW Solutions Client?

Every KAW Solutions client receives regular monthly reporting and access to a personal bookkeeper and the owner of KAW Solutions, Kim Wolfe. The result is that our clients know exactly where their business is financial all the time and can reach each level of accountability in our organization for answers at any time. This reporting requires up-to-date records, which forces all books to be completely maintained at all times. Our team does the heavy lifting and our clients reap the benefits of peace of mind all year long, including at year-end.

We work closely with our client's choice of a tax accountant and deliver on-time, complete, tax packages to those tax accountants in plenty of time for review and filing – No exceptions.
Get peace of mind.

We’d love to help you with your year-end tax preparation. Even if you are months behind on your regular bookkeeping or even years behind on your filing, we can help. Give us a few minutes and find out just how simply and affordably you can have the peace of mind you need.

Talk to us and lose the stress!

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