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Providing Cost-Effective Outsourced Bookkeeping Services
To Local Businesses

Services, starting at just $99/week, include:
  • QuickBooks review
  • Initial catch-up service (in case you’re a little OR a lot behind)
  • All bookkeeping data entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Monthly and on-demand reporting
  • Sales tax payment service
  • Income tax packet preparation (for your tax accountant)
  • Direct access to your personal bookkeeper via phone/text/in-office
  • Hosted QuickBooks account with 24/7 remote access

Once you click the button above you will be presented with a form on our PaySimple store, so you can purchase your test drive. Once your purchase is completed, you will be redirected to our scheduling calendar. Just let us know when you want to meet and we will contact you back to confirm your appointment within one business day!
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When you search the term,” bookkeeping services near me”, too often the results you get are companies listing either the bookkeeping services they think are best for you even if they haven’t used them for their own bookkeeping or worse a list of companies that have paid to be on their list. KAW Solutions is different. We’ve been answering the call of those searching the web with the simple requests to find,” bookkeepers near me”, “bookkeeping service near me”, “bookkeeper near me”, and “bookkeeping near me” for local businesses since 2007. Since then we have earned a five-star rating from our clients on multiple platforms.

Smart business owners are searching for, “Bookkeeping near me”!
KAW Solutions is your “bookkeeping near me” solution. The company has been providing these financial services since 2007. Our team of QuickBooks Pros, accountants, and expert bookkeepers, provide our clients in excess of 50 years of combined, customer-focused, bookkeeping and accounting experience and success.

Our “Bookkeepers near me” offering.
In addition to our customer-focused and highly experienced team, we provide you with all of your records and reports on a cloud-based version of QuickBooks. This will allow you to securely access your books from anywhere with internet access, at any time. While you can always access your records and create reports, KAW Solutions provides reliable monthly reporting (available in electronic and/or paper). Ensuring that we provide you with perfect books, and complete timely reporting is one of our highest goals. With this data you can make excellent business decisions and ensure you are always in touch with the pulse of your company’s financial.

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